Animals on the skin

by Mixpanema :-) November 01, 2013

When we talk about symbiosis, we are talking about the association of two different organisms that 'join together' to become something better, and bigger. That's what you'll notice in our summer collection: we have mixed the beauties of flora, fauna and the human being. As a result we have amazing pieces, with a mix of such special patterns!

As usual, our creations refer to global trends, therefore this 'symbiosis' can also be perceived among the updated looks seen on the stages worldwide! Check bellow images seen on Pinterest, where this 'fusion' of people, fauna and flora is super obvious and beautiful.

It's now easier to understand and get in love with our patterns and combinations, isn't it ?!

Worth doing a tour of the virtual store to select your favorites and start building your own looks, full of symbiosis!

Inspire yourself with our suggestions:



Mixpanema :-)
Mixpanema :-)


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