CCM always thinking of you !

by Mixpanema :-) March 21, 2012 2 Comments

Our technological fabric and design are always tuned with the health and fashion universe!

The compression that has been approved and diffused between athletes and sporting professionals minimizes the muscular vibration, retards the fatigue and reduces the micro-traumas caused by the sport activity.

Our Supplex Lycra used on our Tops, Leggings, Capri Pants and Jumpsuits provides a perfect adherence to the body, accompanying the movements and helping in the execution of the movements.

Mixpanema :-)
Mixpanema :-)


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Brenda  Hoffmann
Brenda Hoffmann

March 24, 2012

Hi Mix & CCM. Few words to prove the high quality of your products. Love them all. ;-)

Lisa Denard
Lisa Denard

March 22, 2012

Gosto demais da CCM! Não me lembro de ter comprado uma peça que não tenha correspondido ao que anunciam. Sem falar na beleza do design e das estampas. Sucesso!!!

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