Start running today!

by Mixpanema :-) December 12, 2013

Running is by far the easiest activity one could choose: it doesn't require specific skills, nor expensive equipments to buy. 


Studies say it is what blasts more calories, with a plus: the faster you run, the stronger your heart gets! By increasing the oxygen flow and flushing out toxins, it also strengthens your cartilage and the ligaments around your joint.


Besides, running is very effective at reducing anxiety, being used by mental health experts on depression and other psychological disorders. 


Avoid injuries by setting up a plan: you'll probably start walking, but your body will naturally let you increase the pace in a few days. To add some fun, pick up some high tech fitness gear, made by supportive fabrics that also wicks away the sweat like Mixpanema's clothes. 


One activity, lots of benefits for both body and mind. Could it be more perfect?

Mixpanema :-)
Mixpanema :-)


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