Proper Fitness Attire

by Mixpanema :-) November 15, 2013

Picking up the appropriate clothes does make a big difference for an enjoyable workout. Investing in some stylish yet confortable pieces may also motivate you to get moving, whether at the gym or outdoors (or even at your own home!).


Consider the activities you do more often and choose the sports clothing that are more comfortable and appropriate for those activities. Choose materials that let you move and don’t constrict you.


All-cotton t-shirts, for instance, should be avoided: they may be confortable, but trap all the perspiration. In summer, that prevents your body from cooling; In winter, keeps you cold! Instead, pick some performance fabrics, designed to draw sweat away from your body and move it to the outer surface. They may have a higher cost, but will last longer and keep you confortable.


This also applies for shorts, sports bras, tights and jumpers : all of them are also available in technologically advanced fabrics.


The more frequent you exercise, the more important is your fitness clothing. Besides the comfort, the right outfit will flatter your figure so that you hit the gym in style!


Mixpanema :-)
Mixpanema :-)


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